Spinach salad & grilled chicken – great weight watcher recipe with spicy pineapple dressing

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It is another amazing weight watcher recipe from grilled chicken and spinach salad by adding spicy sweet pineapple and grilled chicken dressing, orange juice, pepper and habanero. This weight watcher recipe give you 4 smart points for your diet program.



  1. one pound of boneless/skinless chicken breast
  2. one tsp of chili powder
  3. half tsp of salt
  4. cooking spray
  5. one and one fourth cup of cubed fresh pineapple
  6. two tbsp of chopped fresh cilantro
  7. two tbsp of fresh orange juice
  8. four tsp of apple cider vinegar
  9. half tsp of minced habanero pepper
  10. one big garlic cloves
  11. one fourth of olive oil
  12. three fourth cup of peeled jicama
  13. two three cup of red bell pepper
  14. half cup of slice red onion
  15. five ounce of fresh spinach



  1. put grill pan and heat over medium heat
  2. put chicken into pan over two plastic wrap sheet
  3. pound chicken thickness by using small heavy skillet or meat mallet
  4. sprinkle chicken sides with salt and chili powder
  5. coating chicken with cooking spray
  6. put chicken into pan
  7. cook for three minutes
  8. remove chicken from pan, set aside
  9. put cilantro, vinegar, pineapple, orange juice, garlic and habanero
  10. blend ingredient above and add some olive oil
  11. combine jicama, pineapple and remaining ingredient in a big bowl
  12. drizzle with three fourth cup dressing/toss to coat
  13. divide salad into four plates
  14. cut chicken [thin slice] and divide over salad
  15. drizzle salad with remaining one fourth dressing


Nutritional fact

The Spinach salad & grilled chicken recipe has amazing nutritional fact includes; 313 calories, 15.2 gram fat, 2.3 gram saturated fat, 10.2 gram monofat, 1.8 gram polyfat, 28 gram protein, 16.8 gram carbohydrate, 4.3 gram fiber, 66 milligram cholesterol, 2.6 milligram iron, 444 milligram sodium and 58 milligram calcium.

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