Chicken Spinach Crescent Ring – Tasty Chicken Recipe for Diet

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Chicken spinach crescent ring is an amazing weight watcher recipe. It is perfect chicken recipe for perfect dinner; help you to fight weight loss and dietary food. This chicken spinach crescent ring is loaded with crescent, cream cheese, spinach, grill chicken and Mexican cheese. It will cost you 4 points per serving and take time about 30 minutes divided into 15 minutes for preparation and 15 minutes for cooking process.

Chicken spinach crescent ring


  • 1 [one] can or 8 [eight] Oz low fat crescent roll dough
  • 4 [four] tablespoon of low fat whipped cream cheese
  • 1 [one] cup of baby spinach
  • 5 [five] Oz of cooked grilled chicken
  • 1⁄3 [one three] cup of low fat shredded Mexican cheese

Cooking process;

  • Preheat to 375 [three hundred seventy five] degree Fahrenheit or 190 [one hundred ninety] degree Celsius.
  • Put crescent roll on baking sheet
  • Spread cream cheese over it
  • Add seasoning
  • Put spinach over cream cheese
  • Distribute grill chicken
  • Sprinkle it with Mexican cheese
  • Pull point crescent roll; wrap around filling; tuck underneath
  • Baking for fourteen minutes until crescent roll look like golden brown

Nutritional fact

The Chicken spinach crescent ring has a lot of nutrient compound for weight loss as follows; 59 grams of  serving size; 8 serving/recipe; 142 calorie/serving; 47 calorie from fat; 5 gram or 8% from fat; 2 gram or 11% of saturated fat; 35 milligrams or 11% of cholesterol; 208 milligrams or 8% of sodium; 16 grams or 5% carbohydrate; 1 grams or 4% of dietary fiber; 1 grams or 5% of sugar and 8 grams or 15% of protein.


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